A Journey - The Shoot

Date: 12/03/2018

Location: Portland, OR

Practical 4


These five photos tell a story of my shoot that I just had in Portland, Oregon. This is my first time in Portland, and I’ve been really enjoying it so far. That being said, when you travel somewhere for work it takes away that unique feeling when you get when you visit a place for the very first time.

It’s still a great experience but your focus remains on your work and not on the interesting details of the place your visiting. That’s why I decided to take shots of things that interested me that were nearby where we were filming.

I really liked the way the trees looked as well as some of the plants. There was a sewage grate that had leaves in and around it that looked cool. As one of my co-workers was buried in his laptop working - I was enjoying the moment taking pictures of the surrounding area.

I thought this was a great representation of what I described about how work can dull the freshness of visiting a new place. His photo shows him working in the car as a beautiful tree is reflected over the top of the glass in front of him.

Overall I thought this was a fun assignment. It forced me to take some time to appreciate the new location I was visiting and try to represent that through photography. I really liked the richness of some of the colors and contrast. I do feel like I could have done a better job finding one or two more interesting shots. There was a moment as we were driving of beautiful trees swallowed by fog in the morning. Unfortunately I missed that shot.

DGMD E-9: Fundamentals of Digital Photography