A Day in the Life of Rita & Cooper

Date: 11.24.2018

Location: Maple Grove, MN

Talent: Rita Shibko

Assignment 2


I followed around Rita and Cooper on a Saturday. Typically the day begins with breakfast and hanging out in the living room. From there Rita and Cooper enjoy taking long walks throughout the day - and discovering new places.

Any photos taken inside the house were challenging as there wasn’t a ton of light and Cooper moves unpredictably and quickly making low-shutter speeds a difficult reality.

Once we got outside, light was no longer the problem. For some reason I was having a difficult time coming up with unique shots in the park. I found myself taking a lot of pictures that felt similar to one another. Since the scenery wasn’t offering much variety I decided to change my perspective as often as I could - especially to help the story progress. I wish I would have gotten a few more shots from Cooper’s POV which would have added an interesting look, but none of the Cooper POV’s worked out.

Overall it was a fun experience and highlighted an important lesson that photos tell a story. It’s crucial to think about what story you’re trying to tell and apply that to the photo appropriately - not just worrying about generating a pretty image.

DGMD E-9: Fundamentals of Digital Photography