Still Life

Date: 11.05.18

Location: Maple Grove, MN

Talent: Rita Shibko

Assignment 1


For this project I decided to take a photo that represented something significant in my life. I wasn’t able to attend class - so I hope that I am interpreting this project correctly. The photo below is a reflection of things that matter in my life as well as a reminder of how they should not be taken for granted.

In the photo you see my girlfriend Rita, our dog Cooper, and the first house we’ve purchased together. Behind Rita and Cooper is Rita’s car that had been recently struck by another car. The last few months have been long and stressful with work, school, and personal obligations. This photo reflects my most current mindset on what is actually important in life - my family and our shared lives together.

The totaled car in the background (and fittingly between our family and the house where we live) is a reminder of how important it is to keep everything in perspective. A reminder that work, stressful days, clients, and everything else is secondary to the lives and wellbeing of those you share your life with.

DGMD E-9: Fundamentals of Digital Photography